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Express your creativity through an artificial intelligence

Creating immersive generative AI tools to help artists express their creativity in the Metaverse!

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Collection #1

10,000 works of art that were created by the community during the minting night using a text-to-art generator.

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Collection #3

EpoHeroes are dynamic, user-generated virtual identities that are game-ready for metaverse games. We wanted to stretch the limits of pfp projects by using AI to extend virtual identities and give them new power & utility

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Collection #2

Each EpoStory is a series of text-driven AI generated images created by the minters. Holders can use the generator to extend their EpoStory by adding new layers at any time.

We are here to give you more than just an NFT

The metaverse is coming. We believe that soon, everyone will want a virtual idenitity. These will need to be useful for more than just twitter profile pictures. We aim to use the power of AI to create the most powerful virtual identities for the future of the metaverse

The EpoTeam is comprised of industry experts in their respective fields of AI, computer engineering, business operations, community management and strategic development in Web3.

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The Ai Artist

Creator of the first version of ART AI’s algorithm. Early developer in AI Art. Bio-statistician by training. Was a PhD student in Cambridge (UK) when the revolution started.

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Co-founder & CMO

Ben was a VP of marketing & sales in the Israeli high tech sector, specializing in international operations. Today, Ben is dedicated to raising awareness and popularizing AI-generated art. Ben graduated from both Google growth lab and Facebook commerce-startups acceleration programs and was featured on Forbes, Artnet, KUTV, and many more.

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Strategic growth

Melissa Burr is a former professional poker player with notable accolades including multiple WSOP final tables and an impressive career in high stakes mix cash games. She was introduced to cryptocurrencies back in 2016 and has been an avid, active investor since then. Prior to poker, in the professional world, she worked in business operations and marketing, with a primary focus on recruiting. Her role with EpoLabs is to identify optimal strategies with regards to communication, timing, and execution.

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#1 Cool Guy

Elric is a former particle accelerator engineer, and during this time he became an expert in research and development. After attaining an advanced degree in computer engineering he began exploring the wild world of web3. His enthusiasm to learn all things code has been a blessing, and he serves as our general purpose engineer. Frontend, backend, lets just build it.

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